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Cash in Transit


Allegiance Security offers (to select local clients only), Armed Cash in Transit services. Allegiance is a long standing company in the community with over 20 years of Security experience. Allegiance is highly trusted and completely equipped to deliver a Cash in Transit solution to your business.

Our name is your guarantee.

Allegiance Security is very proud of our cash in transit services. Our Clients can rest easy when our armed guards and fully insured security vehicles are handling your cash.

We take the risks and deal with the problems so that you, our clients, reap the benefits with none of the anxiety of dealing with large amounts of cash. Allegiance supply our clients with special purpose security bank bags and numbered seals. You hand the sealed bag to one of our friendly and professional security guards, who will take the moneybag to the bank where the bank teller will open and count the money.

The empty bank bag and bank documentation will be returned to you later that day. Allegiance Security Cash in Transit Services’ highly trained guards and drivers are in constant contact with our radio control room. We use the latest in radio equipment and back-up generator systems to ensure a reliable 24 hour service for our clients. 

Please call Allegiance on (02) 9905 9193 to apply for a Cash in Transit solution.

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