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Alarm Services


Allegiance installers are professional, friendly and diligent in providing alarm installation solutions for your home or business. Commercial, industrial and residential security needs can be complimented by advanced alarm installations and years of alarm installation experience.


Alarm Monitoring (Back to Base)

Having your Alarms Monitored is a cost-effective way to ensure that someone who can be trusted is notified when an alarm is activated on your premises. Alarm triggers can range from traditional perimeter alarms to smoke alarms, including duress alarms, and power outages. All alarm activations and tests are supplied to the client as a report allowing transparency.

We can quite easily tailor a Monitoring Service to suit your business; Various systems and modes of monitoring incur different costs; Contact us so that we can talk about what your needs are. A basic package involves the notification of an alarm to the owner; or if you prefer, one of our security officers can attend your site to ensure all is well. We have the ability to Monitor whose code was used to both open or close the premises; and to notify you if the premises alarms are not armed by a particular time.

Depending upon the zone triggered, number and sequence of zones, the time of day, and other factors, the monitoring center can automatically initiate various actions. They might be instructed to call on a Security Member for Response, call the ambulance, fire department or police department, or to first call the protected premises or try to determine if the alarm was not accidentally initiated. Alarm systems can be are tied to video surveillance systems so that a current video of the area in alarm can be instantly displayed on a remote monitor, or recorded.

All our monitored clients are monitored at a Grade 1A monitoring station.


Automotive Alarms


We supply and install Rhino Co. Technology Alarms; Quality alarms/immobiliser systems that are designed right here in Australia. You may consider your vehicle one of your most essential major assets; ultimately they may by the key asset that keeps you in employed. A vehicle is broken every three minutes across Australia. That’s 500 cars a day. The possibility that either you, or someone you know has had their vehicle vandalised or stolen is high. Depending on your vehicle, you may find yourself with a low, medium or high-risk vehicle. We have alarm systems and immobiliser units (preventing the car being driven) that can be retro-fitted to your vehicle.

Many vehicle manufacturers are no longer factory fitting simple noise-making alarms, instead offer silent - but effective - immobilisers. Aftermarket vehicle tracking systems can enable the police to trace stolen vehicles, and most systems gives Corporate Managers ‘Fleet management’ abilities, allowing them to see where the vehicle is located. Tracking systems require the user to pay a recurring fee, whereas immobilisers are a one off cost. Both classes of devices deter someone from taking the vehicle without consent but do not cover theft from, or vandalism of, the vehicle.

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