Over 30 Years of Security Services!!

WELCOME! Allegiance Security is pleased to celebrate its over 30 years of security, investigation and risk management services to our diverse clients in Sydney and Australia wide, since our humble begining in the early 1980s. Over the years, we’ve also involved in numerous successful international projects as well as establishing strong networks thereby building on this lasting foundation for the next 30 years! We are a proud Northern Beaches’ security company and with our proven record, established reliable networks and reputable capabilities, Allegiance brand would definately be a great asset to your organisation. To personalise our sevice and if you need more information please contact directly Mark Greville (CEO) mob: 0413 156 006 or email: markgreville@allegiancesecurity.com.au

BioGAIT - Next Generation Biometric Solutions

Allegiance Security has teamed up with prominent software engineering professionals and scholars at the University of Canberra in developing the next generation state of the art biometric security solutions. Our very first biometric technology solution ready for global deployment is BioGAIT. http://staff.estem-uc.edu.au/emdad/?page_id=17

BioGAIT is an innovative state of the art multimodal biometric identity verification solution based on the fusion of existing facial recognition technology and the unprecedented analysis of gait and stride. A brand new form of biometrics based upon the physical or behavioural traits that will enable the detection of individuals based on the motion characteristics of the way they walk. BioGAIT is a novel and patented technology that can significantly enhance the safety accuracy, robustness, speed and cost benefits, as compared to other existing security screening and CCTV surveillance systems. For instance, a camera with a side view can record a set of characteristics as a person heads for the security desk at an airport, military installation or bank and combined with other forms of biometrics can provide the highest levels of identity assurance of known or unknown people.

As a multimodal technology, BioGAIT can assist in early detection, treatment and rehablitation of motor degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and other gait related disabilities as well as those who suffer from paralysis or sports based injuries.

We are currently looking for interested organisations who would be interested to run test trials of BioGAIT wih their current biomteric systems. Our team stands ready to design a prototype or a multimodal platform specifically to your system.

For more information on BioGAIT, product specifications, prototype or potential partnership please email: simon@allegiancesecurity.com.au or phone directly Mark Greville on 0413 156 006 or 02 9905 9193.